more WHY HOW WHAT book

more WHY HOW WHAT book


384 pages
Flexi bound
24.5 x 17.5 cm
651 illustrations, sketches and photographs
Spanish and English text
Published by NORMA Editorial
First edition 2021
Printed in Spain
21.7 x 15.4 cm card with Four Gangs character
Signed  by Brosmind

We, the Mingarro brothers, have been burning our creative energy together since childhood and in 2007 we made it official by founding Brosmind! This book is a collection of the most important material we've gathered over the years. Through mountains of illustrations, piles of gadget creations, pencil sketches, secret plans, startling insights into our process and partnership, more WHY HOW WHAT is offering you an electrifying glimpse into our universe! If there ever was a chance to understand and enjoy what we do, this it it!

more WHY HOW WHAT is an updated flexi bound version of our 2014 WHY HOW WHAT book. As well as 397 new illustrations, sketches and photographs, it features 56 new projects, a first-time look into our new digital working methods, and a guided tour by us as comic characters.

As a Brosmind Shop exclusive all more WHY HOW WHAT books are signed by us and come with a special Brosmind sticker.

Vamos amigos!